Forget Hiring an SEO Company, You Can Do It!

you can do it
You can do SEO, probably better than any SEO company believe it or not!

Google has made many changes in the last few years, most of which have made it so that SEO companies have less and less ability to be effective.

Let me explain how. Before many SEO companies used tactics like commenting on blogs, adding links to directories, spinning articles into a myriad of versions and posting them on random websites all over the internet, etc. These took time, and the tools, and for a while worked. But now Google’s spiders and robots see through it all.

What works well is relevant and useful content. What works the best is 10x content, which coined by Rand Fishkin of Moz means “Content that is 10 times better than the best result that can currently be found in the search results for a given keyword phrase or topic.” Let’s say you sell fish tanks. And most websites can answer peoples questions about which fish tank is best and why (although they likely do a terrible job). A 10x content piece you could put together would be an interactive fish tank builder where you select a size, the type, the accessories, the fish that go in it, and provide a custom quote that they can take to their boss or partner to get approval.

Most, not all, but most SEO companies don’t do anything like that. They have clients ranging from roofers to dentists and they don’t have the time or money to specialize in those industries. So when they try to produce blog posts, social media posts, and marketing content, it’s very obvious to your customers they don’t know what they are talking about. So they are forced to write simple, high-level content that serves no purpose except for taking space on your website.

You are much better off hiring someone to work in house who knows your business. They will be able to do a much better job of engaging with your customers than any SEO company can.

If you have a company who does your SEO currently, or are looking to hire one soon, have us do an independent review of their work to make sure you will get your money’s worth. Check out our digital marketing audit for more information or contact us.

**some SEO companies do a fine job, but it has been our experience that most are not able to perform effectively with all the changes Google has made. We believe strongly that SEO is important and that there are companies out there who do great work, we can even introduce you to a few if you like!